Mead Madness Cup

Mead Madness Cup 2020

Mead Madness Cup is an event that has it permanent place in calendar. Despite the global pandemic and a decision of postponing this year’s edition of European Mead Makers Conference, we simply couldn’t break the continuity of the competition. It will take place at the end of October, traditionally in Poland.  

The date of the competition has been set to weekend 23-25 of October 2020. The exact location will yet to be announced.

In this year’s edition there are a few surprises. The biggest of them all is a change in the formula of HOME competition, so it will look more like PRO competition. In practice it means there will be more categories. Mead Madness Cup HOME will have 11 seperate categories. Consequently, each of them will be awarded with 3 medals. A total number of 33 medals will be awarded. PRO competition will also be expanded. We’ve decided to add an OPEN category- M4X. In this category, commercial producers of mead and not only, can enter their alcoholic beverages containing honey. It could be anything: distillates, tinctures, liquors, flavoured vodkas, beverages aged in mead barrels and so on. Another change, we’ve decided to introduce, is raising the limit of entries. Every meadmaker can enter 3 meads in each category. Home mead makers can enter maximum of 33 meads and commercial producers maximum of 36. Like always, I encourage you all to follow our website and social media for more info and latest news.  

Home meadmakers will expierience few more changes. The least popular one is introducing an entry fee. This decision was very difficult to make and it followed many discussions and calculations. Mead Madness Cup generates more and more work and costs, therefore we’ve decided to partially compensate it that way. We’ve set a fee at the level of 20PLN (around 5 Euro) per each entered mead. This money will help us to cover part of the cost of running the contest, posting scoring sheets and prizes as well as buying some office supplies. 

We also have some very exciting news for home mead makers. Two in fact, but let’s start from the beginning. 

In cooperation with Augustowska Miodosytnia, we’ve prepared a fantastic prize. The winner of Mead Madness Cup HOME, which will be awarded a title of GRAND CHAMPION and a trophy, will also have a chance to replicate their winning mead in commercial meadery. The winning mead may be personally crafted at Augustowska Miodosytnia. That mead will then be made available for sale and the winner will get first 50 bottles. On the label there will be also winners name and signature. Augustowska Miodosytnia will also provide one-night accommodation in Augustow.  

I hope that you will find the changes we’ve made exciting. We can’t wait for the competition. I encourage you to follow our website, Facebook fan page and other social media.

Kindest regards
Krzysztof Jarek – Director of MMC 2020

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