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Meads from around the world.
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Important dates

Professional Meads
& Home Made Meads:

Registration until 31st of January 2025
Receiving meads until 14th of February 2025

Competition: 27th – 28th of February 2025
Announcement of results: 1st of March 2025

How do I submit mead?


By 31/01/2025 enter your mead by filling the registration form


Pay the entry fee


Print the competition label and attach to each bottle by elastic band


By 14/02/2025 your securely packed bottles need to be received


Wait for the results after 01/03/2025

Guidance of how to properly register, pack, and send mead for competition: see or download

about the competition

Mead Madness Cup is the largest mead competition in Europe. Organised continuously since 2018 has its permanent place in mead events calendar. Originally it was held in October/November , but now it has its permanent place in February. Intended for both: commercial and home mead makers.

In this year’s edition we expect a record high number of entries- a rising trend we are observing every year. Traditionally, all competition categories are based on Mead Judging Programme. Detailed list and descriptions are available [HERE]

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Do you want to be a judge in probably the biggest mead contest in Europe? Do you have the right skills, knowledge and mining for drinking mods? Do you want to check? Welcome. Submit your candidacy.

Enter Your Mead to the competition

Mead Madness Cup is an event that has it permanent place in calendar. The date of the competition has been set to 22nd – 23th of February 2024, traditionally in Poland.

"Having no wine, they make a drink of honey that drunks people much more than wine"

A Venetian diplomat on the customs of Poles,
Ambrogio Contarini, (1429 - 1499)

Kings of mead