Mead Madness
Cup 2019
Probably the biggest competition
for home-made and commercial mead in Europe!
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Important dates

Professional Meads (PRO):
Registration until 15.09.2019
Receiving meads until 30.09.2019

Home Made Meads (HOME):
Registration until 15.10.2019
Receiving meads 01.10.2019 – 31.10.2019

Competition: 15-16.11.2019
Announcement of results:

about the competition

Mead Madness Cup is an international competition for home meads. It will be held for second time this year. It is organised as a side event of European Mead Makers Conference. The first edition of Mead Madness Cup was held in 2018 and it completely exceeded the organisers expectations. Over 90 meads from 14 different countries has been entered in 4 categories. This year’s edition will be expanded with some sub-categories, in which the first 3 places get a diploma. The first three places in each category, like it happened last year, will be awarded a medal. There will be once more an award for the best in show mead- Grand Champion. Mead Madness Cup is settling in a world’s mead competitions calendar. It is the biggest, international home mead competition in Europe. Organisers are hoping that soon it will be as popular as Mazer Cup in USA.

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"Having no wine, they make a drink of honey that drunks people much more than wine"

A Venetian diplomat on the customs of Poles,
Ambrogio Contarini, (1429 - 1499)

Kings of mead