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Mead Madness Cup – International home and professional mead competition


Organisers of Mead Madness Cup home and professional mead competition (also known as “MMC”) are Kings of Mead and Ami Honey Sp. z o.o. (also known as “The Organiser”). Competition is organised in cooperation with EMMA (European Mead Makers Association) and MJP (Mead Judging Program).


This is a competition for meads crafted at home (HOME) and professional meads available to buy by public (PRO).


There will be a number of mead categories in Mead Madness Cup. Detailed description of mead categories can be found on website or by clicking in this link. Organiser can extend the list of categories in special circumstances.


Entries are restricted to maximum number of 3 in each category per one entrant Same mead can enter only one category. Mead maker is obliged to classify their mead in correct category. In the event where an obvious mistake has been made when classifying mead, Organisers are permitted to re-classify mead based on the information provided in entry form. In situation where information provided by mead maker are inaccurate or when mead has been entered into incorrect category, jury will not award any points (mead will be automatically disqualified).


If numbers of entries in one of the categories will be too low, organisers are permitted to joint categories. Jury will be notified of the original category in which the mead was entered.


Meads will be judged using MJP (Mead Judging Program) score sheets. Each mead will score certain number of points, and this will establish the position of mead in the contest. In case where two or more meads scores exactly the same number of points, jury will decide, during additional discussion, which mead to award which place. Head of the jury has a casting vote in case of tie. In case of large number of entries in a category, an extra round may be held to choose meads that will progress into medal round. Scoring sheets will be used only in first round. Each next round will be based on degustation and discussion among the judges which will lead to choosing 3 best meads. Meads judged in MMC competition will receive only 1 joint scoring sheets containing judges comments. In case of two or more rounds it is not the points score that decide of the place of the mead. That decision is made based on a discussion and open voting. Head of the jury has a casting vote in case of tie.


Depending on number of entries and quality of entered meads, medals will be awarded in each category. Maximum number of medals in each category is 3. Every mead maker will receive a score sheets of their mead (email).


To enter mead into competition, mead maker needs to fill in an entry form available at or by clicking on the link and by paying an entry fee. Cut-off date for entering meads into competition is 31.01.2024. After that date, the entries will not be registered.


Fee in PRO competition is set to 41,99 EURO (175,99PLN) and in HOME competition to 10,99 EURO (43,99PLN). This fee entitles to send one mead. In case of entering number of meads, fee need to be multiplied accordingly. Payment should be made through the paying mechanism on the website.


After a fee has been paid, a contestant will receive an email confirming their participation and containing an address to which mead should be send.


Meads need to be received by Organisers by 11.02.2024 in number of minimum two bottles (0.33l or more each). In case of sending smaller bottles, the number should be increased to guarantee a volume of minimum 0,66l. Mead for PRO competition need to be in the original packaging, the same as available for sale. To each bottle, a correctly filled label needs to be attached, by using elastic band only. Labels need to be downloaded and printed. The link to download labels will be in a confirmation email, sent after successful registration. Meads received after 11.02.2024 will not be taking part in competition and an entry fee will not be refunded.

Do not use MMC as a point of contact for your shipping companies. Entrant is solely responsible for their samples to be delivered


Every sample sent for the competition becomes the property of the Organiser and won’t be returned under any circumstances. The organiser is not responsible for any damages  that may occur during transportation, storing or competition itself. The entrant is responsible for any possible customs fees. The organiser will not pay any outstanding fees in order to obtain the parcel and ultimately mead won’t take part in the competition. Entry fee will not be refunded. The Organiser encourage all entrants to familiarise themselves with guidelines of how to enter, pack and send mead, which can be found on the website or by clicking [here]. It is a good practice to write on the parcel and in any transport documentation: Free samples. NOT for re-sale. Also try not to mention alcohol, mead, mead competition or any other words that can trigger customs to investigate.


Meads will be evaluated by experienced mead, wine and bear judges and people associated with mead industry from Poland and abroad. Judges are forbidden to evaluate their own mead that has been submitted to the Competition. Danique Staal is the Mead Madness Cup head judge.


Three best meads in each category will be announced publicly on and other media.


Each of the category winning meads will be subjected to an additional degustation, an open debate and voting by MMC jury, after which one mead will receive an MMC HOME GRAND CHAMPION title and MMC PRO GRAND CHAMPION title.


Mead makers participating in Mead Madness Cup consent to their details (name, surname, name of the company) and meads details being used in competition information materials, materials supplied by sponsors of the event and prizes and to promote MMC by the organisers.


The Organisers reserve the right to modify the Terms & Conditions in the event of significant and unforeseen external circumstances.

Organisers of MMC: Kings of Mead, Ami Honey Sp. z o. o.

Co-operatiom: EMMA, Mead Judging Programme

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